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    1. How can I create a new profile on KMMatrimony.biz?

     Posting your profile on KMMatrimony.biz  is very easy. During Registration you will be taken to the Add Profile page where you will be asked to enter your details. It will then be accessible to all KMMatrimony.biz members and visitors.

    2. How do I edit my profile?  

    To edit your profile, follow the steps outlined below: Login to KMMatrimony.biz  Go to KMMatrimony.biz  Click on Edit Profile under 'My Profile' on the left of your screen and follow the instructions there Your KMMatrimony.biz profile will be updated and become available to everyone at Fropper Relationships. 

    3. Can I change any/all of the profile information while modifying my profile?

     You can change any information in your profile except your username, date of birth, your gender and your marital status. If you would like to change these, please write to Customer Care giving the appropriate reason. Please understand that this restriction has been put in place to prevent misuse and fraud.

    4. Can I change my e-mail address after registering with KMMatrimony.biz and creating my profile?

    To change your e-mail address, follow the steps outlined below: Login to KMMatrimony.biz Go to KMMatrimony.biz  Click on Edit Account Info under 'My Account' on the left of your screen and follow the instructions there.   

    5. My profile is only partially visible. Why? 

    When you modify your profile, KMMatrimony.biz Customer Care Team screens the profile. During the screening process, only your essential information is displayed. Once the screening process is completed, your profile goes live and is completely visible to all members of KMMatrimony.biz.  However, during the screening process, if the Customer Care Team determines that modifications are required, you will be informed immediately by e-mail. You will need to edit your profile so that it adheres to the KMMatrimony.biz’s Terms of Use.  Profiles are screened to ensure that they follow KMMatrimony.biz Terms of Use and to protect your privacy. So if you have recently modified your profile then we request you to be patient; your profile will be fully visible very soon.

     6. Are there any special tips and tricks to create a profile that is popular?  

    There are several things you can do to make your profile popular. We recommend the following:  Add an attractive recent photo to your profile. This is the single most effective step you can take to generate high viewer ship. Read more on why your photograph is important.   Take time to create your profile as accurately and completely as possible. Spend time writing more about your qualitative aspects - aspirations and goals, attitude towards life, your family and your hobbies. Remember, people want to know more about you before they decide to contact you. For tips to write a good profile, you may download our free Ebook 'One Click Love'   Your Match. If you have not thought about your match and translated the same thought into words effectively, others viewing your profile will not know what kind of partner you are looking for. Think hard and get creative.  

     7. I just found myself a partner/date/friend. Can I share the wonderful news with other members? How do I go about doing this? 

    We would be very happy to receive details about your wonderful news and share it with other members of KMMatrimony.biz. Your details will be posted on the site and may also become a part of our outgoing e-mails. Send us your success story.  

     8. How do I delete my profile and cancel my membership?

    If you profile is not active, then to cancel your membership and delete your profile, all you need to do is send us a request after you login to KMMatrimony.biz. We ask you to login and then make the request so that we can verify that it is indeed you who is asking for the cancellation/deletion.  Also, if you would like your membership to be re-activated, you can send us your request for re-activation along with your email address and password within 30 days of deletion. We will then verify your request and re-activate your membership.  If your profile is active, you can go to the My Profile page and click on the delete link that appears on top of the page.  

     9. Who is an Activity Partner?  

    On KMMatrimony.biz, you will find members who may be willing to join you in activities of mutual community. If you are searching for such partners, you may select your preferred relationship as Activity Partner. 


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